Strategy & Design Work for Compass Furnished Apartments


The Client and the Problem.

Compass Furnished Apartments provides short-term, fully furnished homes and apartments. This is a pretty competitive category with many undifferentiated players. It’s pretty easy to stay at status quo, looking and sounding like all the other companies out there. But Compass has something to say. A point of view that’s unique. We needed to get that out and then define a way to show it.


Compass needed a cohesive, unified brand identity that informs how they speak to customers and prospects. The brand story must be simple and clear, and uniquely Compass.

In our strategy analysis we found that the industry players position themselves in two ways: by size or by style/technology. Or no real point of differentiation. What Compass has, however, are its people. A team of completely dedicated professionals with serious experience in hospitality, a true commitment to having a personal experience with every client and like to have fun. With all the booking apps, super charged websites and automated services out there, what could be better and more different in the marketplace than a company that wants to talk, listens, and thinks of those little details that make all the difference.

When someone stays in a Compass home, they feel like they are staying in a real home, not some sterile corporate apartment, or a cookie cutter hotel room – a real home. A place that feels like someone hand picked everything in there for a reason. A home owned by someone who lives in that city. Someone who knows the neighborhood, where to eat, drink, exercise, shop and more.

Let’s put that sense of fun and genuineness into the new Compass language and marketing.


Using the strategy as a guide and the thought “our home is your home” as the message, we started working to redesign some key marketing materials and hired a writer to craft new language with a strong sense of humanity.

Rather than a typical photo of a staged apartment with columns of text, bulleted lists and a big call to action, we used a more personal design device to get that personal message across visually: illustration. With conceptual icons, big blocks of color, and bold contrasts in typographic hierarchy, we gave each section of information its own space, sense of fun and almost an infographic style to the flow. Not to mention the custom illustrated portraits we created of each sales rep.

Illustrated portraits of the Compass sales team
Illustrated portraits of the Compass sales team


Header graphic introducing Compass to Relocation Services Providers
Example of a header graphic


Orange, red, gray and blue infographic style sales sheet
Emailed sales sheet PDF for Compass clients

Having created subsequent pieces for Compass – all based on that initial strategy – the company is completely on board with the new look, how it can be translated into a family of marketing materials, and that they can break the industry standard of corporate speak and just be themselves. That’s why clients keep coming back. And that’s why putting the real Compass out there will make big things happen.