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Designing a logo is one of our favorite projects. A logo is the gateway to full brand expression, allowing us to imagine a company, product, or brand from the ground up. It’s incredibly satisfying to see the logo’s implementation as the brand grows and flourishes.

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black text labeled Gender Moonshot surrounds a red and blue circle illustration of a satellite-rocket shooting up to yellow stars

Why Is (Good) Logo Design Important?

A logo is shorthand for an entire brand or company. That’s why each element needs careful consideration. A fat typeface conveys power, boldness. Yellow gives off happy vibes. A swoosh mark signals speed.

At Someone Creative, logo and visual identity design starts with a deep conversation. What are your brand values, target audience, goals, and strategy? The answers to these questions provide a strong foundation for all subsequent visual, metaphorical, contextual decisions. These decisions, in turn, translate into a logo that tells your audience with one glance that you are right for them.



Talk to us about who you are, what makes your organization special, and what pain points you need to solve. We will then assess the competitive landscape and discuss your audiences and their needs.


Time for the magic process of design. We initially present three design concepts. We will explore how each looks on its own and in context, on business cards, social media, and presentation covers.


After three rounds of feedback, we get to a final logo– huzzah! Deliverables include logo files in various formats and an Essentials Brand Guidebook.

“Over my years as a communications and branding consultant, I've referred several clients to Someone Creative. Liz and her team peerlessly, consistently delivered way above expectations. Her team's designs were fresh, enduring, and surprisingly multi-dimensional: unique patterns, sophisticated details, and even thoughtfulness around using fonts designed by women, for example, when promoting a women-owned organization. Someone Creative is my first and strongest recommendation for every design project.”

Elizabeth Metraux

Engagement Strategy, United Nations Foundation

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