Recent Work: Syntimmune Website


Design for All.

We are often asked if we design work for [insert industry name]. Honest humble brag: we can create fantastic, spot on design solutions for any industry. The key is to dive in. Set aside time for discovery, talk to the client about the basics of what they do, what the industry in general is about, who their competitors are, then get into their unique approach. We find that many clients are so close to what they do that by taking the time to explain the fundamentals, they not only often get a renewed passion for their industry, but it helps them solidify their messaging. There’s nothing like getting back to basics to attain some clarity.

The Life Sciences.

That being said, there are some industries that take more discovery and learning than others. We’ve been fortunate to have a number of life sciences clients, including Syntimmune, the leader in FcRn science. Their mission is to use that knowledge to create drugs that block the machinery driving IgG-mediated autoimmune diseases.

Say what now? Sure, that’s probably where many people start when they read all the acronyms and terms life sciences organizations have at their disposal. The beauty of working with these amazing companies, however, is the learning, satisfying your curiosity, and being able to come at a subject from a fresh perspective.

For Syntimmune, we had some great conversations about autoimmune disease, how antibodies work, and the science Syntimmune is using to create drugs that stop antibodies from attacking normal cells in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. By understanding their purpose, we were able to create a website and design graphics to serve Syntimmune well, asking the right questions to push the project forward, on time and on budget.

Homepage design for life sciences company


graphic showing FcRn rescues pathogenic IgG from degradation within the lysosome


Blue and gray website colors with modern icons and sans serif typography


website page showing text and bar graph on the pipeline of products