Recent Work: Gordon’s Fine Wines Holiday Catalog


Catalog Design, Styling & Art Directing: Oh MY!

We have been helping Boston-area bastion Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors refine their brand to bring in consistency and a more quality aesthetic. We had some ideas for tackling the problem, but Gordon’s also had some projects they really wanted to get moving, including a holiday product catalog, a very time-sensitive piece that had to be done well before holiday shopping.

Taking a more agile approach to this client, we decided to seize the opportunity and use the catalog design project as a way to starting working out the design aesthetic we wanted to achieve for the overall brand. Some of the finer points include broader, more refined typography, expanded color palette and a few small design elements to serve as cohesive touches.

The Project

For the holiday catalog, we presented a concept that broke the mold of the industry and even client expectations: textures and depth rather than white backgrounds and silhouetted products. Could we achieve our concept in two weeks? No point in not trying.

Photographer Ned Jackson and his team worked magic shooting the scenes we styled and art directed after a whirlwind weekend buying props and baubles. Once the beautifully toned images came back, we constructed our layout, and after a few minor edits, we had quick client approval.

The catalog is now available on the Gordon’s website and is being promoted via an online ad campaign we designed for Boston’s public radio station, WBUR. We know the folks at Gordon’s are over the moon, and we can’t wait to hear customer feedback and conversion info!


Bottles of red wine on charcoal fabric, river rocks and greens


Cover for the Gordon’s Fine Wines holiday catalog shows an image of champagne, clementines and silver baubles on marble


The introductory spread from the Gordon’s Fine Wines holiday catalog including intro letter, team info and table of contents.


A spread from the Gordon’s Fine Wines holiday catalog showing gift sets


Beer bottles on wood table and brick wall


Bottles of champagne with orange flowers and gold tray on gray backdrop