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    Messaging, Copywriting, UX/UI Strategy

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    Logo & Visual ID, Packaging, Social, Website, Environment, Print

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    Wine, Restaurant, Chocolate, Coffee, Retail, Charcuterie, Cafe


Gordon’s Fine Wines

We love nothing more than seeing a successful local business grow. When Gordon’s expanded to five stores, a disconnect became apparent in how the stores and the teams were marketing the company and products. We were tapped to help create a more cohesive and sophisticated look for the company, a relationship that expanded to messaging and design for new products, services, stores, partnerships, and even new ventures.

colorful pattern on exterior retail store windows and red wall with white lettering message
Dark red retail shelving sign for whiskey
Wine bottles in light oak rack with black vinyl lettering that reads "France Red Burgundy"

“Liz is the quintessential design & branding professional who has contributed to countless design and marketing projects, which have increased Gordon’s brand awareness and sophistication. It is very rare to find someone who is so capable and multifaceted and with whom you can trust their body of work will always be beyond expectations. Someone Creative's attention to detail, professionalism and ability to creatively direct projects with our story always in mind has made working with them a truly wonderful experience.”

David Gordon

President, Gordon’s Fine Wines


Goodnow Farms Chocolate

After feeling lost in the shuffle with a larger marketing firm, Goodnow Farms came to Someone Creative to develop a close relationship with another boutique, quality-first maker. We used the established brand standards as a springboard to create new, fresh packaging and marketing pieces – sell sheets, infographics, social graphics, trade show booth, revised homepage – that are cohesive to the Goodnow Farms Chocolate brand – while also being distinct, sophisticated, and bold.


Muddy Waters Coffee Co.

Muddy Waters Coffee Company is a small batch organic coffee roaster in northern California. Looking for a new vibe to match the company culture, owner Chris Nichols reached out to Someone Creative as he’d seen the work we’d done for a mutual client. Our logo inspiration? Rufus and Reuben, Muddy Waters’ bulldog and Boston terrier. They are the stars of the show, reasons people feel a connection to the brand – let’s make them real mascots and put them front and center. New packaging for all retail products soon followed, including a line of products in Costco and packaging for co-pack partners like local universities, stores and organizations.

Coffee bag with a guitar on it surrounded by coffee beans
Big Foot illustration on a coffee bag

Moody’s Delicatessen & Provisions

With two restaurants and a charcuterie facility cranking out smoked and cured meats, this hospitality empire may have been abuzz but the importance of a cohesive brand was not yet a focused priority. Logos and websites were already in place, so the challenge for Someone Creative was to make all marketing cohesive and the collateral professional and popping – and build from there.



We love food. And we love Boston. Psyched to have the opportunity to combine the two by making the creative things that work for local restaurants and retail spots.


Let’s make your next project outstanding.