Taste Wine Bar & Common Vines

A husband and wife team made their dream come true: opening a wine shop in their downtown Boston neighborhood.

Jen and Chris don’t just focus on selling bottles and stocking the shelves. Their love of wine permeates every part of their business and started with their 5 Ps of Wine Preference™ – a system to talk clients through every part of the wine experience so they can be more educated consumers.

And that experience extends beyond their wine shop, Common Vines. The couple also opened Taste, a wine bar and restaurant across from the shop for customers to try their wines with pairings.

With logos and some branding elements already in place, we took those beginnings and talked to the client about how to expand and create three complementary systems: one for Taste Wine Bar, one for Common Vines wine shop, and a co-branded look for joint ventures. We made typography the common bond between the brands and kept the green palette for Taste and reds for Common Vines. Our solution for co-branded pieces was to introduce a set of neutrals; pops of red or green would look less Christmastime when dominated by silvers, golds and black.

Our projects for Taste and Common Vines have run the gamut, and we’re happy to see the steady evolution of the brands in pieces such as: menus, business cards, two websites including e-commerce and event ticketing, products like wine keys and shopping bags, ads and event promotions, social media campaigns, email templates, rack cards and brochures, and ideas for signage, collaborators and marketing outreach.

Wine bottles, marketing postcard and business card for a wine shop in a wooden wine crate
web page for wine shop on gray background
website shop page on gray background
product page for online wine store
menus and brochures for a wine bar sitting on a wooden surface with wine bottles and glasses
green, white and black brochures with photos for a wine bar
green and black menu for a wine bar sitting on a piece of wood
website menu page for wine bar
events webpage for a wine bar
green and tan email newsletters for a wine bar
iPhone and social post graphics for a wine bar

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