Logo design for Luscious Bakery of Philadelphia

Luscious Bakery

Rocket scientist turned baker Jamie Landers tapped Someone Creative to design the brand for a new bakery.

We worked with Philadelphia-based bakery Luscious Bakery from the very beginning to create a delicious logo, marketing materials and sweet visual identity.

From business cards, labels and custom baking cup concepts to hand-painted hats, buttons, food truck design ideas and even an entire competition booth design, we loved getting our dessert on – and seeing those aprons we sourced all over Philly.

Red and orange rack card, label and business card for bakery
Luscious Bakery brand pins on an orange trucker hat
Pastry box with red label, pin, red bakers twine and cupcake
Orange trucker hat with logo patch and red trucker hat with hand painted logo
Baker Jamie Landers holding a frosted cupcake