Icon logo design of a happy zebra face for Happy Zebra Photography

Happy Zebra Photography

The most quick-to-laugh photographer you’ll ever encounter, Happy Zebra Photography queen Natasha Velickovic came to us looking for a fresh face for that bold set of stripes.

Happy Zebra had built up a pretty solid portfolio by the time the thought of a website redesign came around. Time to look as professional as the work. The old site didn’t showcase the work in a big way nor the Zebra personality. Bold, ballsy, fun-loving: go. Once we injected a flash of hot yellow into a black and white palette, we were on our way. An incredibly dynamic WordPress theme – customized with essential functionality and content blocks – provided mix-and-match portfolio, testimonial and category spaces as well as features like parallax line charts.

While Natasha didn’t want a full revamp of her brand, the wordmark was pretty boring and didn’t define Happy Zebra. We kept the script/hand-drawn aesthetic, refreshing the wordmark into something more fun and flowing. And the smiling zebra, you ask? One of our original website sketches included a zebra in one of the content blocks on the home page. The client having fallen in deep love with the concept, we coached our BU intern, Alyssa Mccallion, through to the smirking face it is today.

Business cards are certainly a must. The new Happy Zebra brand elements worked so well in a circle format – Bold and Unique! As we talked more with Natasha about other ways she communicates with clients and prospects, we created a simple notecard set with hot yellow envelopes AND a personal, funny holiday card. Using the circle shape again, the 5” card front was a work of art: our illustrative and winter-decorated portrait of Natasha, complete with scarf and pipe. The back featured a holiday message in classic Nordic sweater design with new Happy Zebra colors throughout.

Mobile view of the Happy Zebra Photography website on an iPhone
Homepage for happyzebraphotography.com
Portfolio section of homepage for Happy Zebra Photography
About page of the Happy Zebra Photography website
Yellow, black and white holiday card with sweater pattern
Black, white and yellow stationery with zebra stripes