red hand drawn logo for Full Heart Hospitality

Full Heart Hospitality

A human touch for a humanity-centric new company

Full Heart is a hospitality management firm providing access to leadership initiatives, systems, and proprietary tools to enable clients to exceed their own expectations for implementing their vision and goals. Dedicated to showing that hospitality is a way of life, the company knows that the most exciting days for their clients’ organizations are ahead.

Led by James Beard nominee chef Matt Jennings, Full Heart has an unique industry insider POV, with a focus on culture and foundation in the human connection – hence our choice for a hand-drawn logo. The founders and company are bold, dynamic, warm but street.

logo sketches for Full Heart Hospitality

Our logo sketches above evolved from conversations with Matt about humanity, punk, his tattoo style and own life changes, evolution, disruption, and the need to lift up his industry.

We are so grateful to collaborate with such a dedicated, passionate human. His trust in our shared vision and expertise has led to our work beyond Full Heart Hospitality and into relationships with his partners and even a sign for his new Vermont farm.

When the main ingredient is heart, it will always be full.

three gray hats with red or blue brims and blue patches
website landing page on red background
bag of granola

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