Brewer’s Fork

Soup-to-nuts design work for a celebrated neighborhood joint.

We love food. And we love Boston.

Psyched to have the opportunity to combine the two by designing all the things for Brewer’s Fork, a wood-fired joint and beer garden in Charlestown, Boston’s oldest neighborhood.

Fortunately owners Michael Cooney and John Paine already had both a great concept and a great logo, designed by a friend. We took it from there.

Because Charlestown is THE Boston Neighborhood, we knew it was important to dig into those roots. And once John told me a photo from our concept boards of a classic car from the 70s resonated with him, it was research time. The City of Boston has an amazing flickr archive where we found a bunch of photos we duotoned with an industrial-patina on business cards, menus and website. Paired with a few different typefaces, each hitting a key note – industrial, historic, modern – the visual identity came to life.

We worked very closely with the Brewer’s Fork team to figure out what else they needed design- and marketing-wise to open the restaurant on the right foot. We translated the brand identity elements into menus (offset printed shells with templates for printing in-house with daily menu changes), business cards, coasters, exterior signage, website, tee shirts and even gift cards and tulip glasses – all looking cohesive, tight and just super cool. The best thing is that we keep in touch and whenever there is an idea that comes up or something we see, texts will be flying. Then we swing by for a beer and a conversation to make the ideas happen together.

Photography: Christine Maus
Graphic Design USA: American Graphic Design Award, Restaurant Branding

Brewer’s Fork business cards
Graphic Design USA Award
Drink coaster, pizza and pickled vegetables
Menus, coasters, stamp and business cards
Exterior stenciled signage for Brewer’s Fork
Rubber stamp for bags and boxes
Menus, coasters, business cards and stamp
Interior of Brewer’s Fork
Beef salad photo
Cork pattern on the banquettes at Brewer’s Fork
Valentine’s Day and New Year’s event postcards
Mobile views of the Brewer’s Fork website
Menu section of the Brewer’s Fork website
Press section of the website for Brewer’s Fork
blue tee shirt with the word WOODFIRED on the front and gray tee shirt with Brewer's Fork logo on the front

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