Boston Scientific

Motivating your sales team with inspiring design

Motivating your sales team with inspiring design.

Since 2011, we have been getting creative with this sales team’s materials and inspiring success.

Every year, Someone Creative gets to work on two large projects for Boston Scientific: a compensation plan book series and a sales team website, updated monthly.

Some studios may think these kinds of corporate projects are tedious but we honestly get to have fun coming up with the theme for the books as well as accompanying imagery and writing inspiring headlines.

With our original suggestion to have the website theme reflect the trip the sales winners receive at the end of the year, Boston Scientific loves the dynamic website looks we put together. Designing for such an open client gives us a chance to find new stuff and be create with sites that need to be responsive but don’t need to be found by search engines.

Booklet cover designs for Boston Scientific sales teams
Cover designs for a series of sales books for Boston Scientific