Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK)

Bringing art to Boston public schools.

ARCK founder Sara Demeter was seeking sponsors for a public art mural and needed a way to sell the great idea to a greatly over-asked audience.

Someone Creative designed a fun book for ARCK board members to leave with the city’s rich and powerful as they solicited sponsorship.

Including real stories whenever possible is our go-to for big impact. Our team traveled to Brighton to photograph kids from Gardner Pilot Academy – actual ARCK art students – and hear what art means to them. We combined those images and words with fun typography, including an open source typeface originally designed for the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC – another art world connection.

These elements worked so well together that we encouraged ARCK to use the piece as a foundation for a brand refresh, which we put together for the organization. Our style guide helped the small internal team at ARCK move forward with creating consistent pieces on their own.

Erected in the summer of 2016 across from Fenway Park, the mural is a true reflection of the cultural melting pot of our city and the kids who learn here.

A page from the style guide showing keywords and messaging
Brand style guide showing rules for the logo
Students smiling at the Gardner Pilot Academy in Brighton, Massachusetts
Cover of the public mural sponsorship book
Interior spread of sponsorship book of students laughing
Interior spread of sponsorship book