About The Studio

Our mission is to make your brand look good. Real good.

Who we are

So, what’s it like behind the scenes at Someone Creative?


The Someone Creative team is small (but mighty!).

Small because we can be flexible, keep overhead low, and maintain a fresh perspective without excess baggage. We can strive for perfection on every project and stay dedicated to our clients, who love the hands-on treatment.

While the ideas, design and creative magic happen in-house, our network of brilliant senior-level creative partners, strategists, writers, programmers and techies are tapped as needed for projects they are perfect for – no shoe-horning here.

We collaborate with a variety of clients, but there are a few things they all have in common: they’re smart, discerning, and they’re evolving. From one-man or -woman operations to large multi-national corporations, local killer restaurants, life sciences start-ups, and amazing non-profits, having a range of projects keeps us engaged – a win-win for us and for you.

Liz Abbate

Founding Principal • Creative Director

Liz runs more than just a one-stop-shop for creative services. The yin to her artistic yang – honed at MassArt – is her BS in Communications/Advertising at Boston University. Her unique ability to put herself squarely in a client’s – and their audiences’ – shoes, then craft the language and design to hit them where it counts, has given her clients a proven track record of results. On top of creating great work every day, Liz also strives for excellence outside the studio: she’s completed 9 triathlons and plans at least two trips abroad every year. There is nothing like exercise, competition and travel to spark inspiration and refuel creativity!

Photo of Liz Abbate, photo by Lara Woolfson of Studio Nouveau Photography

Elizabeth Leonard

Studio Manager

An inclusionist, Elizabeth doesn’t feel comfortable choosing sides – even her favorite froyo flavor is “twist” – which has served her well over the better part of the last decade as she’s been adeptly managing arts organizations. She maintains the delicate balance that creative services need for someone who understands the nuts and bolts of organizing a business, with sensitive artistic sensibilities. She got her BA in Art & Architecture History from Suffolk University, and though she could still talk your ear off about the changing role of staircases since the Medieval era, she has spent the last decade working in a variety of administrative roles for creative companies, from opera to architecture to publishing.

Photo of Elizabeth Leonard

Christine Maus

Business Development

The very definition of a go-getter, Christine makes all the things happen. With her quadruple-threat background in photography, business, architecture, and education, there isn’t much she hasn’t mastered. Together with her husband she has opened more than 10 local, successful businesses. From the snowfields of Greater Boston to the crystal-blue waters off the island of St. John, in all of her business experience, Christine has promoted the importance of brand consistency in making companies memorable. She uses her vast network and wealth of knowledge to deliver dependable products and services. And for Someone Creative, that means pairing our design and creative expertise with clients looking for the perfect partner.

Photo of Christine Maus, new business director