Our Own Line of Products: Love 4 Envelopes


What’s on the outside matters, too

At least when it comes to envelopes and retail packaging.

Who doesn’t love to get a letter in the mail? I mean, hey, it’s not a bill – woo! I have friends who draw elaborate calligraphy or put vintage stamps on their envelopes. It just makes the simple letter feel special. On a trip to Melbourne, Australia, a few years ago, I spied a set of printed envelopes in one (of many) stationery shops I visited and thought: what an awesome idea! Once I got into screenprinting, it all came together: I could apply my own custom designs to envelopes.

I’ve put together some with arrows, some with calligraphy and some with just bad ass cool typography. And I can customize ink and envelopes. Not all are for sale on our Etsy shop yet, but once I have more of an inventory going, we’ll be stocking up.

I can’t wait to head down to AS220 printshop and crank out more screens for my next lines: Love Notes and Just Saying Hey. Keep on the look out.


Kraft envelopes with black ink screenprinting
Our Current Line of Envelopes


Kraft envelopes with To/From black screenprinted arrows
From our Arrow series


Kraft envelopes with black screenprinting
A Close-up of Our Calligraphy and Flying Arrow Envelopes


Big black screen printed letters on kraft envelopes
A Super Close Look at Our Screenprinting


Screenprinting tools
Tools of the Trade