Our Insta Faves


Feeling Inspired.

If it ever seems like you see the same things repeatedly in your feeds or everything is starting to look the same, there’s nothing like a little curiosity and diving down the rabbit hole to wake up some inspiration in your social media. We’ve found some cool and diverse people, places and things by clicking through the links found in other people’s Instagram posts. Bet you have too. Here are some of our current favorites.

Hand-painted envelopes by Lucy Halcomb
Photo from lucy_mail (instagram)


These hand-painted envelopes by Lucy Halcomb just make you smile. The accuracy of all the little details, knowing how much time and care each one of these must take – talk about inspiration in dedication.


Autocamp campsite with airstreams and adirondack chairs
Photo from theautocamp (instagram)


One of the icons of mid-century design, the Airstream is beauty in simplicity itself. And when you have a campsite full of these beauties. By a pristine river. In Santa Barbara, California…well, looks like our next studio retreat is calling from out west.


Photo of a plate of pasta shot by Huge Galdones
Photo from hugegaldones (instagram)


We love food. We love photos. And of course we love photos of food that convey a deep passion and eye for quality. We saw the work of Huge Galdones on the feed of one of the Boston restaurants we follow – turns out he comes out from Chicago to shoot some of our favorite local spots, including an area chef’s new cookbook. Huge inspiration.


Work by Smith & Diction in Philadelphia
Photo from smith_diction (instagram)


Of course design, designers and kick ass studios inspire us – we’re part of the same flock. The work of Smith & Diction is all the things we care about and aspire to: thoughtful, color-savvy, type-bold, and composition-masters.


blue celestite from goldirocks
Photo from goldirocks.co (instagram)


Now I don’t know if the gorgeousness sold by crystal and rock purveyor Goldirocks really are “full of magic”, but if you mean that feeling of being blown away by the color, complexity and sheer beauty of nature, then I guess she’s right.