On the Side: Vintage Finds


Treasures Await.

Our studio has a shared hobby: collecting vintage treasures. From trips to Brimfield, tiny antique shops in New Hampshire, vintage collectives in Providence and Worcester, and digs through our family attics, we find stuff wherever we go. And we’ve amassed so much goodness that we’ve been thinking about doing a little online store, curating and styling as we do.

In a recent cleaning spree, we found even more things we forgot we had – hazards of the obsession. Here are a few vintage pieces soon to be up for sale. If we can part with them…

Vintage collection of ephemera including show molds, 1960s tie rack, AJ Cutler glassware and an electric eye chart
Some of our studio vintage collection


Vintage 1960s tie rack
Turn the knob to figure out what color suit and shirt to wear with your tie


Vintage electric plug in eye chart
A legit plug-in eye chart from the 1960s


Vintage shoe molds
Vintage shoe molds


AJ Cutler glassware set
Part of an AJ Cutler glassware set