Evolution: Minus the Moo Ice Cream Package Design


Even Better.

It can be a difficult assignment when a client asks for a new version of a piece – perhaps with new information, additional photos, change of message, etc. – when you think the original was pretty great.

We felt that way when Minus the Moo came back to us to redo their ice cream pint package design. Now that their products were getting into more, larger stores, two things were in play: (1) these stores had certain package requirements, and (2) the package design had to be submitted to the state board and meet their regulations. These included adding nutrition facts, expanding the ingredients list, moving barcodes, and more.

Game On

While we had great affection for the original package design, forces beyond our control and the client’s control were at play. Forces that made change a must.

Scrapping the original design could have been easy – start from scratch, blank canvas, nothing but opportunity. But since the essential elements were there in a great layout, hierarchies of content had already been solved, and we could see how the new information could fit well into the puzzle, we decided to revise.

The final package design is exactly what everyone hoped for: a great evolution. And, if we do say so ourselves, a pretty great one at that.

Find Minus the Moo ice cream at many Boston-area shops, including Whole Foods!

package design evolution for Minus the Moo ice cream
ORIGINAL > CURRENT PACKAGE DESIGN | Photos from Minus the Moo (instagram)


chocolate ice cream pint label for Minus the Moo
Example of full label for Minus the Moo