Branding Project: Emoji Mom Keyboard App


Like a LadyBoss.

We love working with ladybosses. They’ve got an idea, a dream, probably another job (all you budding entrepreneurs!), hopefully awesome support, and might be fighting the odds and naysayers to get it up and running.

Working moms are like turbo ladybosses. Not only do they have all of the above going on but also diapers, pumping, playdates, school, sick days, etc. So hearing from three ladyboss working mom friends with one big idea was pretty cool.

Natalie, Hannah and Sarah had a problem. A frustration. When they wanted to text their other pregnant or new mom friends about all the craziness that motherhood entails, no emoji would do it justice. So they decided to create their own keyboard app. Hello Emoji Mom.

They had the idea. They had the name. The illustrator was working away at the emoji, and their developer had the app in progress. Next: logo design, cohesive brand and website.

Logo Design and Visual Identity.

Once we had the team complete our creative brief and talk through their concept, show us some of the ridiculously funny emoji and research the competitive landscape, we put together three logo concepts for the group to reflect on. These were shown alone and as a social media icon and business card for context.

Three concepts for Emoji Mom logos

The team chose one to refine and we landed on the final logo design! Our project also included creating and providing a brand style guide so the company could develop cohesive marketing pieces on their own moving forward. The style guide includes various file formats of and rules for the logo as well as details about colors and typography. Emoji Mom even used the logo as their app icon in the App Store.

This branding process is part of our Someone Creative small business package. Interested? Get in touch!

Website Design.

Now that we had the logo and brand elements in place, we talked through more items with Emoji Mom that are necessary for a good website: site map, navigation, content, messaging, calls to action, making sure it is mobile friendly.

As is our process for all new major projects like logo design, we showed the team three design concepts for their new website. They chose one and worked through their content to fit. The site includes a literal but funny scene at the top that explains it all: a familiar mom photo of a child in a mess, a phone showing a text message using the Emoji Mom emoji, and a scrolling message about all the different ways texting Emoji Mom emoji are perfect. We also included a robust form that will soon include an image upload option for users, a Twitter feed scroll so you can see Emoji Mom tweets right there, and a blog where the team can talk about not just emoji but also all the different issues pregnant women and moms face – a forum for support and community.

emoji-mom-website1emoji-mom-website-mobileEmoji Mom in the News.

After Emoji Mom launched, they got some great press, including features on The Today ShowThe Huffington Post and US Weekly. We are incredibly proud to have helped these women get their idea off the ground with a logo, website and brand with serious personality.