Ice cream scoops and cup icon design for Minus the Moo

Minus the Moo

Two college friends, one dream: to eat awesome ice cream free from worry.

Well, if it doesn’t exist, make it. So decreed Katy and Gwen when they started Minus the Moo, their lactose-free, real dairy ice cream produced right in Boston.

As fellow lactose intolerants, we bonded over love of ice cream and the inability to eat it. Sure, there are other lactose-free “ice cream” products out there, but Minus the Moo uses real dairy – taking the lactose out. Yes.

Talking with Katy and Gwen about their business, goals, and perception they want buyers to have, we discussed their strategy, style and disdain for anything cow-related. Think JCrew style with a hipster heart.

When we started playing with scoops in a bowl, adding pattern and fun elements, the personality of the brand came to life. The resulting scoop icon is something we are really proud of; not only is it simple and clean, but there is a great sense of fun and whimsy – exactly what the clients wanted to convey.

Infographic on how ice cream is made lactose free including orange milk bottles, magic stars and scoops of ice cream

We developed a style guide for the team which they’ve used on marketing pieces and presentations, but they know we are always here to help with the heavy lifting. With new funding and a footing at MassChallenge, we have designed pint packaging, postcards, tee shirts, hats, and regularly provide social, website and business guidance to these ambitious women with awesome dreams.

Lactose-free ice cream label pint packaging design
Design Award for package design
Tee shirt designs for Minus the Moo
Postcards for Minus the Moo
Ice cream packaging design, ice cream flavor tent cards, and orange signage for lactose-free ice cream on marble table