Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Small batch, single origin chocolate makers source design locally.

Staying True to the Bean means bold, distinctive flavors for Goodnow Farms Chocolate customers.

After feeling lost in the shuffle with a larger design firm, Goodnow Farms came to Someone Creative to develop a close relationship with another boutique, quality-first maker. We used the established brand standards as a springboard to create new, fresh packaging and marketing pieces that are cohesive to the Goodnow Farms Chocolate brand – while also being distinct, sophisticated, and bold. Projects to date have included caddy display inserts for all product lines; packaging for a tasting flight trio pack, cocoa nibs, hot cocoa mix and wholesale 7g bars; marketing pieces for consumers as well as distributors; a twelve-page press kit; a modular tradeshow booth display; and consultation on website upgrades and best practices.