Veronica and Ryan Wedding Invitation

Congratulations Veronica and Ryan!

The lovebirds recently exchanged vows down on Cape Cod, and we were so proud to have been part of their big day.

Crafting a Chinese-American Wedding Invitation Design

Our studiomates at Studio Nouveau, already hired to photograph the wedding, only had one emphatic recommendation when the bride asked where to get invitations designed: Someone Creative. And we were excited to have a client willing to Go There when we suggested a silkscreened poster for this Chinese-American wedding invitation, wrapped, rolled and mailed in a glossy gold tube. Veronica’s Chinese ancestry and Ryan’s modern aesthetic greatly influenced the design: a huge gold dragon enveloping clean, crisp, red text and an intricate red pattern on the back. Coupled with letterpress gold favor cards and origami boats as escort cards, the guests knew exactly the kind of fun and stylish wedding they were invited to celebrate.

Chinese-America Wedding Invitation Chinese-America Wedding Invitation Design Chinese-America Wedding Invitation Design Chinese-America Wedding Invitation Desig


Lucent Wedding Films Logo Design

A Wedding Videography Genius

Justin Schroth is a video master. Not only does his Lucent Media brand cover sporting events and offer a slow motion video booth service, but the man shoots weddings as well! And we aren’t talking your average, run-of-the-mill wedding videos – those interminable and stale momentos only watched once by the newlyweds. We are talking Wedding Films. Sweeping shots, the perfect music, just the right amount of cuts to dancing queens – his films truly capture the energy of his clients’ weddings.

Logo Design for Lucent Wedding Films

When we were asked to help rebrand Lucent Weddings, we had some great footage to pull from to really understand what his brand is all about. We started with the name: adding Films is an instant nod to prospective clients that this service is provided by a craftsman. Next: Lucent. Justin had initially wanted a fun play on video + wedding but once we got down to sketching, we knew it had to be deeper than that. His energy and unique creative perspective had to be matched with the amount of fun he brings. Once we delved into the definition of Lucent as “emitting light” – like a projected film or camera lights do – the ideas flowed. And the Lucent firefly, coupled with a friendly but sophisticated typeface, was born.

Justin is in total love of his company’s new identity and feels fully confident moving forward with a professional logo design for wedding videographer that speaks to exactly what he is all about.

Lucent Wedding Films Logo Design

The Lucent Firefly

Lucent Wedding Films Business Card Design

Business Card Design


Lucent Wedding Films Identity Design Style Guide

Style Guide sample

Elinor Ross Event Planner Brand Design

Our good friend Elinor Ross recently decided to leave her in-house Event Planner position at a local private school to start her own planning business. With a huge footprint in the community and an expansive network of contacts as well as venues, she was already in a great position to make it happen.

Event Planner Brand Design

Having created the brand identity for another of Elinor’s ventures, Miss Artsy Craftsy, Someone Creative was hired to do the brand identity design for this latest project. Miss Artsy Craftsy conveyed so much of Elinor’s personality that we made the decision to have the identity of her planning business be an extension of that – a cousin to it even. We designed the Elinor Ross logo, stationery and direct mail pieces as well as a simple interim slideshow-portfolio website and Facebook business page.

Elinor Ross Event Planner Direct Mail Design




Elinor Ross Event Planner Direct Mail Design


What’s Next for Elinor?

Within a few months, Elinor secured some great events and is in negotiations for others. Not a bad return on investment!

Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Do you know what’s better than designing for an innovative, inspiring, local non-profit? Designing for one that’s food related. Lovin Spoonfuls “facilitates the recovery and distribution of healthy, perishable food that would otherwise be discarded,…deliver[ing] this food directly to the community organizations and resources where it can have the greatest impact.” And it was our great pleasure to design the marketing materials for their Ultimate Tailgate party for a second year running.

Graphic Design for Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate Party

Last year we created a fun original design for the party that went onto posters, ads, tee shirts, programs, etc. Because it was so successful, this year Lovin Spoonfuls asked us to reuse the same design with just a few tweaks. Hey, if it ain’t broke, amIright?

Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013


We came, We saw, We ate. And ate and ate.

Do you know what’s better than designing for a food-related event for a local, innovative non-profit? Actually attending said event and stuffing your face for a good cause!

The Who’s Who of Boston’s favorite restaurants and chefs gave of their time and creativity to provide some awesome bites of their versions of tailgate food under a tent at Sam’s on the waterfront.

Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

And the taste winner for the night: pulled pork and fried oyster buns from L’Espalier!


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Lamb from La Brasa and Cassoulet from Coppa


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Hot dogs from Tavern Road – spicy!


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Lara destroys the best falafel ever from from Menton/No. 9 Park


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Old friends always find each other at the Tailgate


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

What better way to end a gluttonous evening than a rich chocolate pudding from Flour Bakery. Roll. Me. Outta Here.







Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging

At Someone Creative, we get our fair share of clients saying “Do whatever you want!” with their creative projects, only to get nervous when our ideas or design are, let’s say, TOO amazing. That’s why we love working with Studio Nouveau. When they say “Go crazy!” they really mean it. And because we know their brand so well, we understand just how far we can take it, particularly when it came to working on their new client photography thumbdrive packaging design.

Needed: A Cost-Effective Design Solution.

Oh, and It Should be Awesome.

Done. It took a bit of brainstorming and iterations to get exactly what Studio Nouveau needed: a cost-effective but attractive way to send final photos of their Big Day to wedding clients. They had been designing custom DVDs and cases for each client – which, while gorgeous, where neither cheap to produce nor mail. What else could we do?

Thumbdrives! And put them in some kind of box! With great packaging details and a sweet note! Mailed in a standard size bubble envelope!

The feedback from clients, other photographers and studio visitors has been overwhelmingly Over The Moon.

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging design

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging design

Interested in a look behind the scenes? Here’s a little pencil sketch of how the vision would be executed and the pieces produced with loving care.

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging design