Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Do you know what’s better than designing for an innovative, inspiring, local non-profit? Designing for one that’s food related. Lovin Spoonfuls “facilitates the recovery and distribution of healthy, perishable food that would otherwise be discarded,…deliver[ing] this food directly to the community organizations and resources where it can have the greatest impact.” And it was our great pleasure to design the marketing materials for their Ultimate Tailgate party for a second year running.

Graphic Design for Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate Party

Last year we created a fun original design for the party that went onto posters, ads, tee shirts, programs, etc. Because it was so successful, this year Lovin Spoonfuls asked us to reuse the same design with just a few tweaks. Hey, if it ain’t broke, amIright?

Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013


We came, We saw, We ate. And ate and ate.

Do you know what’s better than designing for a food-related event for a local, innovative non-profit? Actually attending said event and stuffing your face for a good cause!

The Who’s Who of Boston’s favorite restaurants and chefs gave of their time and creativity to provide some awesome bites of their versions of tailgate food under a tent at Sam’s on the waterfront.

Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

And the taste winner for the night: pulled pork and fried oyster buns from L’Espalier!


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Lamb from La Brasa and Cassoulet from Coppa


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Hot dogs from Tavern Road – spicy!


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Lara destroys the best falafel ever from from Menton/No. 9 Park


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

Old friends always find each other at the Tailgate


Lovin Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate 2013

What better way to end a gluttonous evening than a rich chocolate pudding from Flour Bakery. Roll. Me. Outta Here.







Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging

At Someone Creative, we get our fair share of clients saying “Do whatever you want!” with their creative projects, only to get nervous when our ideas or design are, let’s say, TOO amazing. That’s why we love working with Studio Nouveau. When they say “Go crazy!” they really mean it. And because we know their brand so well, we understand just how far we can take it, particularly when it came to working on their new client photography thumbdrive packaging design.

Needed: A Cost-Effective Design Solution.

Oh, and It Should be Awesome.

Done. It took a bit of brainstorming and iterations to get exactly what Studio Nouveau needed: a cost-effective but attractive way to send final photos of their Big Day to wedding clients. They had been designing custom DVDs and cases for each client – which, while gorgeous, where neither cheap to produce nor mail. What else could we do?

Thumbdrives! And put them in some kind of box! With great packaging details and a sweet note! Mailed in a standard size bubble envelope!

The feedback from clients, other photographers and studio visitors has been overwhelmingly Over The Moon.

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging design

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging design

Interested in a look behind the scenes? Here’s a little pencil sketch of how the vision would be executed and the pieces produced with loving care.

Studio Nouveau Thumbdrive Packaging design

Boston Children's Museum

We were psyched to be asked to create the save the dates and invitations for the gala marking the Boston Children’s Museum 100 year anniversary. It was a great to get to know more about the museum and to work with their amazing staff. Rafanelli Events took the lead with the party planning and definitely provided some interesting feedback during the design phase.

Gala Celebration

The gala was this past Saturday, October 5, and by all accounts was a complete success. Guests had an amazing time, the space at the InterContinental was colorful and fun, and over $1 million was raised for the Museum, shattering their fundraising goal!

Boston Children's Museum Anniversary Gala, Photo by Matt Teuten

Boston Children's Museum Anniversary Gala, Photo by Matt Teuten

Boston Children's Museum Anniversary Gala, Photo by Matt Teuten

Photos by Matt Teuten, courtesy of Rafanelli Events

After the Party is the After Party

We were lucky enough to snag tickets to the after party, held at the Museum. Picture hundreds of adults, in attire ranging from tuxedos and ball gowns to jeans and tees, dancing in the atrium, playing electric dodgeball on the second level, climbing through the rope tower, and just generally being goofy, having fun like kids. Just with a fully stocked bar thrown in there.

Boston Children's Museum After Party in the Rope Tower

Boston Children's Museum After Party Guests from Someone Creative

Boston Children's Museum After Party Guests having fun

Boston Children's Museum After Party Guests having fun


As a woman with her own small business, there is nothing more exciting than helping other women take theirs to the next level. That’s why I am so happy to have gotten to know Alicia Cleary and Jenny Seeman of Arts2You over the past few months. These inspiring ladies do it all: moms, business owners, wives, volunteers, runners, travelers. And if we weren’t discussing brochure design concepts for their projects or marketing ideas for getting Arts2You out there, I think we would be having a few margaritas on the patio, dishing the dirt. That’s how I know I’ve found some great clients.

About Arts2You

Arts2You offers personalized in-home art lessons and services to kids, teenagers and adults in the greater Boston area. From painting, sculpture and printmaking to photography, cooking and video production, there is a medium for anyone looking to enhance current skills, try something new or just have fun. And with a roster of well qualified creatives and artists, each student is paired with the perfect teacher for whatever medium or project they want to explore – right at home.

Arts2You Brochure Design

Alicia and Jenny needed a brochure – something they could carry around, hand out to people they met and distribute in local, community-focused shops and facilities.

The challenge with designing this piece was with the broad range in media offered and clientele served. How do you create something that appeals to kids wanting to sculpt fanciful creatures but also an adult with a lifetime of painting experience looking to go to the next level?

Our solution was less about the literal and more about the idea of art: energy, color, dynamic. Paired with sophisticated typography, a wide palette and a clear, audience-focused message inside, the brochure has been a great tool for the client. They have gotten a good number of inquiries from it, and people are finding it compelling.


Arts2You Brochure Cover

Arts2You Brochure


Arts2You Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing presents its own series of challenges. Will this go right to the trash? How can I get someone to not just open the email, but click through to the website? I know what appeals to my audience – how can I translate that into this email?

With the Arts2You email campaigns, we are keeping the consistency started with the brochure: color, typography, messaging. This helps people recognize subconsciously that they are receiving something from Arts2You – and perhaps they even look forward to seeing what this month’s design will be and what offer is being promoted.

Another concept we are introducing is the icon. We thought it would be fun – and helpful – to include a simple illustration for each different medium Arts2You offers. We have also started using icons to help guide people through the registration process, which follows a more personalized touch as opposed to a typical online purchase.

Arts2You Winter Email Campaign

Arts2You Email Campaign Icons

Arts2You Summer Email Campaign


The brand is certainly taking shape, and it’s exciting to work on. Alicia and Jenny have great ideas and hope for more projects we can work on together including a website revamp and a promotional video. It’s going to be a very creative year ahead.

Luscious Bakery Logo

A few months ago we got an email from a former client/bride of our studiomates at Studio Nouveau. This rocket scientist – who took her passion for sweets to a new level by completing a professional pastry program at night – was looking for graphic design help with her new venture: opening a bakery in Philadelphia. Talk about a career shift! Jamie initially wanted a logo design for Luscious Bakery, as well as some help with marketing ideas. But the more we talked and worked together, the more she saw the value in what Someone Creative truly provides: a design partner able to take a concept from its infancy and help it grow to a cohesive, well-designed and on-message brand. In Jamie’s words, “a brand ambassador.”

Cupcake Smash

And there was an important deadline to consider. Jamie was debuting Luscious Bakery at a Philadelphia charity event, the third annual Cupcake Smash to benefit Philabundance, which helps to alleviate hunger in the community. She was invited to the bake-off as part of the professional, rather than amateur, category. Over a few months of talks, research and sketches, we came up with a great logo as well as some killer marketing pieces she could use at the event and beyond. We even helped come up with ideas for her table based on her cupcake concept, the Brass Monkey.

Luscious Bakery at Cupcake Smash

Me and Jamie at her Cupcake Smash table debuting Luscious Bakery + her Brass Monkey cupcake

Luscious Bakery booth concepts for Cupcake Smash

Though some of our ideas couldn’t logistically make the show, most of them did and looked awesome!


Luscious Bakery at Cupcake Smash

Brass Monkey cupcakes + mascot

Luscious Bakery at Cupcake Smash

Jamie working the crowd at the Cupcake Smash + a little “description” of her awesome cupcake

Third Annual Cupcake Smash

Other contestants’ cupcakes and tables at the Cupcake Smash


The Verdict is In


Luscious Bakery wins judges award at Cupcake Smash

This is what a WINNER looks like!


What’s Next for Luscious Bakery?

Though she is currently taking special orders only, and participating in more charity events and farmers markets, Jamie does have plans to open a brick and mortar bakery by the end of 2013. We are excited to be part of her brand moving forward, helping design and consult on all the retail needs from packaging to store design. And hopefully winning more awards!